Hello and welcome to my blog!

It’s the first day of 2017 and everyone in the world is likely feeling motivated and ready for a fresh start. I decided to start this blog today because I had a lot on my mind. In the last year, I finished my sports and exercise medicine fellowship and established my practice. This was definitely overwhelming at first, but now that I am in the swing of things (and don’t have to spend a tonne of time studying as I have in the years previous), I am finding I have much more time for my interests outside of medicine. I have always been very interested in fitness and exercise (as you may have guessed from the field of medicine I ended up in) and more recently, I’ve developed quite a fondness for cooking. In order to further my knowledge in the exercise component of my field (people who go into medicine never actually want to stop being students), I’ve been considering taking a personal training course. As for my cooking hobby,  for Christmas, I received a great gift from my boyfriend’s parents — online tutorials from Gordon Ramsay. I can’t wait to get started on these! So…I figured with all the new knowledge I plan to acquire in the next several months, in conjunction with the experiences I’ve already had throughout medical school, residency, fellowship, and now practice, what better way to synthesize things than through a blog. Did I mention I also really enjoy writing?? Anyways, we shall see where this goes. Enjoy!

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